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Disabling and Enabling Task Collaboration
With proper permissions, users can create, assign, and set status for collaborations tasks within a task on the task's Collaboration tab. However, task collaboration must be enabled for the task type on the task type's administration page; otherwise, the Collaboration tab will not appear.
*To disable and enable task collaboration
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration. All of the task types available in My webMethods are displayed in the Task Configuration window.
2. Click the link in the Task Type ID column.
3. On the Task Type Details panel, select or clear the Task Collaboration Enabled check box as required.
If a task instance of this task type has existing collaboration tasks and you clear this check box, the Collaboration tab is no longer visible to the user. However, the collaboration tasks and process are retained, and will be present if this option is re-enabled.
4. Click Update.
You must also grant users the various comment permissions to enable them to add, modify, or delete collaboration tasks. For a list of task collaboration permissions, see About Task Type Functional Permissions.