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Modifying a Collaboration Task
You can apply the following changes to a collaboration task on the Collaboration tab:
*Change status
*Add or change assignment
*To modify a collaboration task on the Collaboration tab
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click My Inbox or a task type inbox.
3. Locate and open the task you want to work with.
4. Click the Collaboration tab.
5. Expand the collaboration task display if necessary.
6. Select the collaboration task you want to work with by selecting the check box next to the collaboration task name.
7. Do one of the following;
*Click Set Status to change the collaboration task status value.
*Click Assign To to view and modify the existing collaboration task assignments, as described in Assigning a Task from a Task Inbox.
8. Click Apply to save your changes.