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Delegating Tasks
Delegating a Task from Your Inbox
Removing a Delegation
Viewing Task Delegations
Scheduling Task Delegation
Task delegation enables you to forward a task that is in your inbox to another user, with a complete audit log of who the task was delegated from, who it was delegated to, and who did the delegating. The delegated task continues to be visible in your inbox. If you want to assign a task instead, see Assigning a Task from a Task Inbox. Delegation has no effect on the task's acceptance:
*If you delegate an accepted task, the task continues to be accepted by the initial user. The initial user must release the task to enable the delegated user to accept it, as described in Releasing a Task.
*A delegated task is automatically accepted by the delegated user—the delegated user must accept the task as described in Accepting a Task.
By default, the Delegate button is available in My Inbox and in the task type inboxes, making it more accessible than the Assign To button, which is on the Task List Management page only (a Delegate button is also available on the Task List Management page).