Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine User's Guide | Working with Tasks in My webMethods | Accepting a Task
Accepting a Task
After a task is assigned to you, you must first accept the task to work on it. Task acceptance can be carried out in the following ways:
*Manually, by clicking an Accept button on the task Data View (if available).
*Automatically, as determined by the task type developer. A task type can be configured to be automatically accepted when:
*You open a task from a task type inbox.
*You modify a task.
In these cases, an Accept button is not displayed.
Tasks may be assigned directly to your user name, or to a group or role that you are a member of. When a task is assigned specifically to you, it appears in your inbox only. When a task is assigned to a group or role, it will appear in the inbox of every user who is a member of that group or role.
After you have accepted a task, My webMethods displays a Accepted icon in the Accepted column of the results list in your inbox (you must have the Accepted column selected for display in the display options page).
By default, a task can be accepted by only one user at a time; however, the task type developer can configure a particular task type to be accepted by two or more users. In addition, the task type developer can define task filter rules that can prevent you from seeing tasks accepted by other users.
If you attempt to accept a task that has already been accepted by another user, you will receive a message that you cannot accept the task. Click the Details View tab on the Details page to see who has accepted the task.
If you have been granted Task Management permissions, you can accept a task for other users. If the task is not yet assigned, it is assigned and accepted at the same time. For more information, see Accepting a Task for a User.