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Delegating a Task from Your Inbox
You can delegate any task in My Inbox or in any of your task type inboxes to another user. For information about delegating a task from the Task List Management page, see Delegating a Task from One User to Another.
When delegating a task, the users you delegate the task to must be granted the access and functional privileges required to work with the task type you are delegating. Otherwise, the task will not appear in the user's inbox, or the user may not be able to work with the task. For more information, see Configuring Task Access Permissions.
*To delegate a task in your inbox
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click the tab for My Inbox or for a task type inbox.
3. Select the task or tasks you want to delegate.
4. Click Delegate. The Select Users dialog box appears.
5. Use the controls in the Search panel to search for the user you want to forward the task to; for more information, see Working with the Select Principals and Select Users Dialog Boxes. The result of the search appears in the Available list.
6. In the Available list, select the user name you want to work with, then click The Righ Arrow icon to move your selection to the Selected list. Only one user name can be selected.
7. Click Apply to delegate the task to the selected user.
The task in you task inbox is marked with The Delegated From icon. In the inbox of the user to whom the task is delegated, the task is marked with The Delegated To icon.
On the task's Detail View tab, and anywhere the delegation information appears, the delegated from and delegated to users are shown, for example: User1 ->User2. This information is also presented in a different form on the Audit View tab, along with the name of the user who applied the delegate action (in the Source column).