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Removing a Delegation
You can remove a task delegation from tasks that you have delegated to another user in My Inbox or in any of your task type inboxes. Removing the task delegation effectively cancels the last delegation action.
For more information about removing all delegations of a task from the Task List Management page, see Removing All Task Delegations.
The ability to remove a delegation does not apply to tasks that have been delegated to you; you can only remove the delegation from tasks you have delegated to another user.
*To remove a task delegation
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click the tab for My Inbox or for a task type inbox.
3. Select the task or tasks you want to remove the delegation from. Delegated tasks are be marked with The Delegated From icon.
4. Click Remove Delegation. A confirmation dialog box appears.
5. Click Remove Delegation.