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Viewing Task Delegations
You can view the delegation information for a single task by opening the task from any task results list and clicking the Details View tab. Task delegations are listed in the Delegation field.
For task results lists, My webMethods displays task delegation information in the Delegated To The Delegated To icon and Delegated From The Delegated From icon columns of the list. You must select the Delegated To and Delegated From columns for display on the display options page for the results list, as described in Customizing the My Inbox and Task Type Inbox Results List.
By default, the Task List Management page in My webMethods does not display task delegation information.
*To display task delegations on the Task List Management page
1. In the Tasks window menu, click Properties, and then click the Preferences tab.
2. On the display options panel, select DELEGATIONS in the Column Display list.
3. Click the single right arrow button to move the selection to the Selected Columns list.
4. Click Save.
The Task List Management page in My webMethods displays delegation information for all tasks.