Version 8.2 SP2

User's Guide

This document assumes you have installed this product as described under Installing and Customizing EntireX Process Extractor, and also ARIS PPM as described in the ARIS PPM documentation.

../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Creating a Working Environment Creating and configuring a new ARIS PPM client, initializing the database.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Extracting Business Process Data Extracting business process data with EntireX Process Extractor for analysis with ARIS PPM.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Administrating and Monitoring Administrating and monitoring the EntireX Process Extractor.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Analyzing Extracted Business Process Data Using ARIS PPM to analyze business process data extracted with EntireX Process Extractor.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Message Class 4000 - EntireX Process Extractor Error Messages for EntireX Process Extractor.

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