Platform-independent Administration Topics

Environment Variables in EntireX Environment Variables in EntireX.
Directories as Used in EntireX Directories as used in EntireX.
Broker Resource Allocation General considerations and dynamic resource management.
Broker Attributes The broker attribute file contains a series of parameters (attributes) that control the availability and characteristics of clients and servers as well as of the Broker itself. You can customize the Broker environment by modifying the attribute settings.
Concepts of Persistent Messaging Brief introduction to the concepts of the persistent store.
EntireX Mainframe Broker Monitoring How to administer an EntireX Mainframe Broker Connection using Command Central.
Accounting in EntireX Broker Describes the accounting records for EntireX Broker that can be used, for example, for application chargeback, performance measurement and trend analysis.
SSL/TLS, HTTP(S), and Certificates with EntireX Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), HTTP(S), and Certificates within an EntireX context.
Authorization Rules An authorization rule is used to perform access checks for authenticated user IDs against lists of services defined within the rule. This feature is available on UNIX and Windows using EntireX Security on these platforms. Authorization rules can be stored in the Broker attribute file or in an LDAP repository.
Data Compression in EntireX Broker Data compression within EntireX Broker allows you to exchange smaller packet sizes between clients and servers.
Timeout Considerations for EntireX Broker Timeout settings for EntireX Broker.
EXXMSG Command-line utility for displaying text of EntireX error message.

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