Introduction to EntireX Mainframe Broker Monitoring using Command Central

EntireX Mainframe Broker Monitoring is a package with which you can monitor EntireX Broker on mainframe platforms z/OS and BS2000. Define an instance of your mainframe broker, using Command Central under UNIX or Windows. This instance - a so-called proxy - holds connection information to the remote broker. This document covers the following Command Central topics that are specific to EntireX:

See also EntireX Mainframe Broker Monitoring using the Command Central GUI | Command Line.

Command Central functionality that is not EntireX-specific is described in the separate Command Central documentation or the online help provided with Command Central. On Empower, the documentation is provided under webMethods > EntireX > EntireX 10.7 > Additional Documentation.


This section applies to Broker instances running on mainframe platforms z/OS and BS2000. For EntireX Brokers running on UNIX and Windows platforms, see Introduction to Administering EntireX Broker with Command Central (UNIX and Windows).



The EntireX Mainframe Administration instance is automatically provided in Command Central. For more information see the separate Command Central documentation or the online help provided with Command Central.


From the Configuration tab (GUI) or with the command-line interface you can create or delete Mainframe Broker Connections to a broker running in a mainframe environment.


Use Mainframe Broker Connections to perform the following operations on EntireX Broker:
  • view the EntireX Brokers running in each environment of your IT landscape

  • monitor runtime status, KPIs (key performance indicators), and alerts of EntireX Broker instances

  • display services

  • display server instances of a service


When you create a mainframe connection, this is logged to file connection.log of the mainframe connection instance.

Do not confuse this logfile with the broker log on the mainframe (for example DD:SYSOUT under z/OS).

Monitoring EntireX Broker KPIs

The visual key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts enable you to monitor webMethods EntireX Broker's health. The following KPIs help you administer, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues in EntireX Broker:


KPI Description
Clients Number of active clients.
Servers Number of active servers.
Conversations Number of active conversations.

Supported Configuration Types

Command Central supports the following configuration instance:

Instance Type Use to...
EXX-MONITORING-KPIS EXX-MONITORING-KPIS Show and edit the Monitoring KPI settings, like the marginal and critical bounds, etc.