EntireX Administration under IBM i

This document covers the following topics:

The EntireX RPC Server for IBM i of EntireX version 7.1.1 running under IBM i (AS/400) is no longer supported. We strongly recommend using the new RPC Server for AS/400 or the EntireX Adapter. See also Connection Parameters for AS/400 Connections.

Tracing for Broker Stubs under IBM i

To request a log file from the Broker stub, the environment variable ETB_STUBLOG must be set. The value of this variable defines how detailed the log will be.

The following table describes the trace values for ETB_STUBLOG:

Trace Level Description
0 NONE No tracing.
1 STANDARD Traces initialization, errors, and all ACI request/reply strings.
2 ADVANCED Used primarily by system engineers, traces everything from level 1 and provides additional information - for example the Broker ACI control block - as well as transport information.
3 SUPPORT This is full tracing through the stub, including detailed traces of control blocks, message information, etc.

Start of instruction setTo evaluate error conditions

  1. Set the environment variable: run the program EXASETENV or use the command:


    To change the value of the variable, use the command WRKENVVAR or change and recompile the source file in EXASRC.

  2. Rerun the example programs.

    The member names in the file LOG are created with the prefix ETB and the six-digit process ID (ETBpppppp).

    The file will be overwritten if you restart your application in the same session.

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