Internationalization with EntireX

Software internationalization is the process of designing products and services so that they can be adapted easily to a variety of different local languages and cultures. Internationalization within EntireX means internationalization of messages: the incoming and outgoing messages are converted to the desired codepage of the platform in use.

Introduction Introduction to ICU Conversion; provides links to configuration and ICU resources; provides information to Arabic shaping, EBCDIC Stateful, multi-byte and doublebyte codepages; broker's mechanism to select the character conversion approach, etc.
Locale String Mapping

A locale provides a means of identifying a specific region for the purposes of internationalization and localization. EntireX sends properties of the operating system locale to the Broker, using the locale string.

Locale String Mapping Tables Provides tables used during the process of mapping the locale string to codepages within the broker.

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