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SWIFT FIN Component
What Is a SWIFT FIN Message?
What Is a SWIFT MX Message?
SWIFT FIN Component Parts
SWIFT FIN Component Architecture
SWIFT FIN Component Features
The SWIFT FIN component enables Integration Server to do the following:
*Receive inbound SWIFT FIN messages from the SWIFT network.
*Convert SWIFT FIN messages into your back-end format and process the messages according to your settings.
*Send SWIFT FIN messages to the SWIFT network with correct header information, according to your settings.
The SWIFT FIN component interfaces with SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) software via MQHA, CASmf, or AFT. SAA, in turn, communicates with SNL, which sends and receives messages securely via SWIFT Secure IP Network. SAA and SNL software modules are provided by SWIFT and must be installed and configured at a customer site by a SWIFT professional or by a trained expert.
The SWIFT FIN component provides the ability to seamlessly integrate SWIFT FIN messages as webMethods documents into a solutions architecture and validate those messages at the syntax and network level. Messages sent and received by SWIFT Module are validated at the individual field level and across the fields using network validation rules. The SWIFT FIN component also supports Market Practices among partners located in a particular market.