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What Is a SWIFT FIN Message?
About SWIFT Message Format
SWIFT FIN messages transmit financial information from one financial institution to another. These messages are classified into different message categories. There are 10 categories of FIN messages (Category 0 through Category 9), and each category relates to a particular topic. For example, Category 5 contains messages related to Securities.
Each SWIFT message is represented by a three-digit number (for example, MT 541). The MT represents SWIFT's “Message Type.” The first number (5) identifies the category to which the message belongs; the second and third numbers (41) identify the message type.
SWIFT updates the MT specifications every year. SWIFT Module maintains these specification changes in the swiftMT and dfdMT XML files. Based on the specified version, SWIFT Module uses the corresponding swiftMT or dfdMT files to define the IS document that is created.
For details about SWIFT specifications, see http://www.swift.com. For details about the SWIFT specification versions that SWIFT Module supports, see webMethods eStandards Modules System Requirements .