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SWIFT FIN Component Parts
The following parts compose and support the SWIFT FIN component:
*The WmFIN Package
This package contains services, mappings, and records for using SWIFT Module with Integration Server. For a complete list of packages, see webMethods Module for SWIFT Packages.
*SWIFT Interfaces
You can connect to SWIFT using one of the following interfaces:
*MQHA (MQ Host Adapter)
To communicate with SWIFT using MQHA, use the webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter. For more information about using the WebSphere MQ Adapter with SWIFT Module, see Using WebSphere MQ Adapter to Communicate with SWIFT.
*CASmf (Common Application Server message format)
To communicate with SWIFT using CASmf, use the CASmf services provided in the WmFIN package. For more information about CASmf services, see Using the CASmf Services to Communicate with SWIFT
*AFT (Automated File Transfer)
To communicate with SWIFT using AFT, use the File Polling Listener and File Drop capabilities. For more information about using AFT with SWIFT Module, see Using AFT to Communicate with SWIFT.
For more information about these interfaces, see Configuring SWIFT Interfaces.
*webMethods Integration Server
This is the underlying server of the webMethods product suite. Use the web-based user interface, Integration Server Administrator, to manage, configure, and administer all aspects of Integration Server, such as users, security, packages, and services. For more information, see webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
*webMethods Trading Networks
webMethods Trading Networks enables your enterprise to link with other financial institutions and marketplaces to form a business-to-business trading network. For more information about using Trading Networks, see webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.
*Software AG Designer
Software AG Designer is a design-time tool that you can use to create processes and easy-to-understand, visually-based process models. You can also use Designer to create, update, and execute services from the Package Navigator. For more information about Designer, see webMethods Service Development Help.
*webMethods Monitor
webMethods Monitor allows you to manage and monitor business processes. Access Monitor functionality through the My webMethods user interface. Monitor displays information about a business process by retrieving information from the Process Audit Log. For more information about Monitor, see webMethods Monitor User’s Guide