SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Getting Started | Concepts | SWIFT FIN Component | SWIFT FIN Component Architecture
SWIFT FIN Component Architecture
The SWIFT FIN component uses either the publish and subscribe Process Engine functionality of SWIFT Module or Trading Networks processing rules to send and receive SWIFT FIN messages. When used with Trading Networks, the SWIFT FIN component leverages the archiving, Trading Partner Agreement (TPA), and document type components of Trading Networks to work with your enterprise to exchange SWIFT FIN messages.
The following figure shows the SWIFT FIN component architecture.
When the SWIFT FIN component creates an outbound document, it formats, validates, and publishes the SWIFT message. When the SWIFT FIN component receives an inbound document, it parses, formats, validates, and publishes the message for a back-end application.
To communicate with SWIFT using SAA, there are three options:
*Use webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter to interface with MQHA.
*Use the CASmf services provided in the WmFIN package to interface with CASmf.
*Use the File Polling Listener and File Drop capabilities to interface with AFT.
The following diagram illustrates the end-to-end architecture of the SWIFT FIN component messaging solution.