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What's New In Apama 10.0
New HTTP client transport connectivity plug-in in 10.0
Apama integration with MQTT in 10.0
Apama integration with Kafka in 10.0
Connectivity plug-ins enhancements in 10.0
New API for writing EPL plug-ins in C++ in 10.0
Apama enhancements in Software AG Designer 10.0
Query enhancements in 10.0
EPL enhancements in 10.0
Correlator utility enhancements in 10.0
Dashboard enhancements in 10.0
Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 10.0
Platform changes in 10.0
Windows compiler update in 10.0
Miscellaneous changes in 10.0 affecting backwards compatibility
Removed and deprecated features in 10.0
Apama 10.0 is the successor of Apama 9.12.
Apama 10.0 runs on the platforms listed in the Supported Platforms document for version 10.0. This is available from the following web page: http://documentation.softwareag.com/apama/index.htm. Be sure to consult that document for details about supported versions of operating systems, compilers, BigMemory, and Universal Messaging.
Apama 10.0 includes new features, enhancements, and changes as described in the following topics.

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