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New HTTP client transport connectivity plug-in in 10.0
A new connectivity plug-in, the HTTP client transport, is now available. It can be used to connect to external services over HTTP/REST, perform requests on them and return the response as an event. For detailed information, see The HTTP Client Transport Connectivity Plug-in.
Using Software AG Designer, you can add the new HTTP client connectivity bundle to your projects. For further information, see Adding the HTTP client connectivity plug-in to a project.
This HTTP client transport connectivity plug-in is also delivered with version In addition to the functionality provided with that fix, version 10.0 provides the following enhancements:
*The HTTP client can now encode query parameters from a map provided in the metadata of requests.
*The HTTP client now uses nested maps in metadata for metadata keys containing a period (.). For example, metadata.http is now a map containing statusCode, statusReason, path, and so on. Applications using the Mapper codec to set or read these will continue to work without change. Custom codecs may need changes to support this.

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