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Query enhancements in 10.0
Apama 10.0 includes the following query enhancements:
*A query may now use a decimal type for a parameter. See also Format of query definitions.
*In a find statement, you can now specify the or operator in the event pattern. The events on one side or the other of the or operator must be matched for the query to fire. For detailed information, see Query or operator.
*Queries can now use the output of another query as input, thus allowing chaining of queries. For detailed information, see Using the output of another query as query input.
*To delete a query, you need to run engine_delete -F followed by a fully qualified query name. In previous releases, it was possible to delete a query by just using engine_delete if nothing else depended on it. Note that engine_delete -F deletes everything that depends on the query or the query output event. Therefore, caution is advised when deleting a query. See also Deleting code from a correlator.

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