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Removed and deprecated features in 10.0
The following Apama features are now deprecated or have been removed in Apama 10.0:
*The subscribe(), unsubscribe() and sendToDES() actions on the auto-generated EPL representations of Digital Event Services types are now deprecated. The channel name is now accessed via the static CHANNEL constant on the EPL type. For more information, see Using Digital Event Services connectivity from EPL.
*For the Java and C++ connectivity plug-ins, the LOGGER field and use of the legacy constructor signatures that do not use TransportConstructorParameters or CodecConstructorParameters are now deprecated.
For C++, the following macros are now deprecated:
You should now use the new signature for the constructor, the new logger field, and the new macros as announced in Connectivity API changes in For more information, see Requirements of a plug-in class.
*The UMStringCodec is now deprecated. Use the new generic String codec instead. For detailed information, see The String codec connectivity plug-in.
*For connectivity plug-ins, the getMetadata() function is now deprecated. Use the new getMetadataMap() function instead. See Connectivity plug-ins enhancements in 10.0 for more information.
*Support for the old APIs for writing EPL plug-ins in C and C++ is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. EPL plug-ins should now be written using the new C++ API. See also New API for writing EPL plug-ins in C++ in 10.0.
*Dashboard support for applet deployment is no longer supported. The available deployment options are therefore Web Start, Local, or display server.
*Compiling with Visual Studio 2013 is no longer supported. See Windows compiler update in 10.0 for more information.
*The following information pertains to the Log File Manager plug-in (LoggingManager) which has been removed in 9.12, except for the associated bundle which was only removed in 10.0. If you still have the deprecated Logging Manager bundle in an Apama project, this results in an error indicating that the LoggingManager.bnd bundle cannot be found. To remove the Logging Manager bundle from an Apama project in Software AG Designer, proceed as follows:
1. Select the project, invoke the context menu and choose Properties.
2. In the properties dialog, select Apama > MonitorScript Build Path.
3. Go to the Bundles tab.
4. Select the Cannot read bundle file message and click Remove.
5. Click OK.
6. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of the bundle instance files.

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