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EPL enhancements in 10.0
Apama 10.0 includes the following EPL enhancements:
*The throw statement is now available. It causes an exception to be thrown. See also The throw statement.
*The behavior for disconnected out of band events has changed. In the com.apama.oob package, componentName and address have been added to ReceiverDisconnected and SenderDisconnected so that the behavior is now in line with ReceiverConnected and SenderConnected. A new dictionary<string, string> field called extraParams has been added to all the out of band events. Additionally in the logging, componentName has been changed to be "name", unless no name is provided in which case the old format "name (on port port_number)" is used. See also Out of band connection notifications.
*It is now possible to invoke EPL plug-ins written in Java from persistent monitors provided that they do not use chunks, which means that the behavior is now the same as for EPL plug-ins written in C++.

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