PAA User's Guide

This document introduces you to Predict Application Audit (PAA), and tells you how to use it to audit and control production environments within the context of Predict Application Control, Software AG's change tracking and versioning system.

This document addresses administrators of production environments within computerized information systems. Among the responsibilities of these administrators is the control and monitoring of software components migrated to the production environment. It is assumed that you, as user of PAA, are familiar with the following:

  • The architecture of the software systems installed at your site.

  • Software AG's versioning system Predict Application Control.

  • Software AG's 4GL Natural.

  • Software AG's repository Predict.

This document is organized in a number of sections dealing with the following topics:

Introduction Introduces you to the concepts of PAA and provides an overview of PAA functions and the user interface.
Reporting Functions Tells you how to use PAA menus to display information concerning the production environment under PAA control.
Administration Functions Tells you how you can manage and maintain the environment under PAA control.
Direct Commands Describes syntax and meaning of direct commands available to execute PAA functions.
Application Programming Interface Describes the layout and use of the PAA API's.