SYSTP in Batch for CICS Sessions

The SYSTP utility can also be used to obtain statistical data on Natural/CICS sessions in batch mode.

The Natural log file into which the statistical data about Natural/CICS sessions is written must be assigned to the Natural batch job as Work File 1 (that is, via CMWKF01). It must also be defined to the online system, which means in the CICS DCT (destination control table); see the LOGDEST parameter of the NTCICSP macro described in the TP Monitor Interfaces or Parameter Reference documentation, respectively.

This section covers the following topics:

Invoking SYSTP in Batch Mode

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo invoke the SYSTP utility in batch mode

  • In the batch job, specify either of the following commands:

    SYSTP xxx


    SYSBATCH xxx

    where xxx indicates what kind of data is to be processed; for example: xxx=nci indicates that the data is collected by a Natural/CICS online system.

Evaluating the Log File

Data is written into the Natural log file when Natural is initialized or reset, and when a Natural session is terminated.

The Natural CICS Interface writes the following records into the Natural log file:

  • A start log record whenever the Natural environment is initialized or reset.

  • A session log record whenever a Natural session is terminated.

When a Natural environment is initialized, a system ID is written into the system control block. This system ID also belongs to all log records. Therefore, a Natural log file can be shared by several Natural/CICS online environments.

The information logged serves to keep track of the usage of the Natural/CICS online environment. Therefore, most of the information refers to facilities of the Natural environment. The log file is not intended to be an accounting or monitoring tool that refers to facilities of CICS.

Based on the system ID, several reports are created with data related to a Natural session:

  • Log file data listed in chronological order, which means that session log records are sorted by session end date and time.

  • Statistics about how the Natural environment was set up and used.

  • Statistics about thread groups (if used).

  • Statistics about program storage threads (if used).

  • Statistics about roll facilities (if used).

This set of reports is created for all Natural environments with records about Natural/CICS sessions in the Natural log file.

The session termination log records, of course, reflect only resources which have been used by the corresponding sessions. Therefore, these records may not reflect the full Natural environment. Reports of a full Natural environment can be obtained by making a snapshot of the whole Natural environment using the System Administration Facilities function (see the relevant section).