SYSTP Functions under TIAM and UTM

The SYSTP utility provides functions that are specific to TIAM and UTM.

Beginn der Anweisungsliste To invoke specific SYSTP functions under TIAM and UTM

  • In the Code field of the SYSTP Main Menu, enter E for Environment-Dependent Functions.

    From the menu displayed then, you can select the functions explained in this section.

This section covers the following topics:

P-Key Utility

This function supports the loading of programmable P keys on terminal devices of the 975n series (types 974n, 975n and 976n).

You can load either the standard Natural key settings (function-key mode KN, KO or KS) to the keys P1 to P20, or user-defined values to individual keys. See also Function Keys Supported under BS2000 in the Operations documentation.

This function opens the P-Key Utility menu similar to the example shown below:

  15:54:05             ***** NATURAL SYSTP UTILITY *****              1998-03-25
  User VR000001                -  P-Key Utility -                 TID 0709

                        Code   Function           Parameter

                         KU    Load User Values   A,H
                         KS    Set KS Mode        L,N
                         KN    Set KN Mode        L,N
                         KO    Set KO Mode        L,N
                         KF    Load F1 - F20
                         ?     Help
                         .     Exit

                 Code .. __              Parameter  A

  Select function.
  Command ===>
        Help  Menu  Exit  KU    KS    KSN   KN    KNN   KO    KON   KF    Canc

You enter a function code and an optional parameter code in this menu. The valid parameter codes for a function are listed to the right of the function. The codes have the following meaning.

Parameter Meaning
A Values are entered in alphanumeric format.
H Values can be entered in alphanumeric or hexadecimal format.
L Load option. Mode is set and P keys are loaded.
N No-load option. Mode is set, but P keys are not loaded.

This section covers the following topics:

Load User Values

This function allows you to load your own values to the keys P1 to P20 (for example, terminal functions, send codes). Values can be entered either in alphanumeric or hexadecimal format. You choose the required format by entering A (alphanumeric format) or H (hexadecimal or alphanumeric format) in the Parameter field of the menu. When you invoke the Load User Values function (by pressing PF4 or by entering function code KU in the P-Key Utility menu), the following screen is displayed:

  15:55:41             ***** NATURAL SYSTP UTILITY *****              1998-06-25
  User VR000001                - Edit User Keys -                 TID VR000001

  P1:           ________________________
  P2:           ________________________
  P3:           ________________________
  P4:           ________________________
  P5:           ________________________
  P6:           ________________________
  P7:           ________________________
  P8:           ________________________
   Function ( + / - / L / . )   _                       Mode:    ALPHA
   Select function or fill up values for P-Keys.
   Command ===>
              Menu  Exit  Load               -     +                      Canc

The Mode field is set to HEX or ALPHA depending on the parameter you specify when invoking the function. You can switch modes by replacing the current value by A (for ALPHA) or H (for HEX).

  • In ALPHA mode, you can use the left half of the screen to enter an alphanumeric value next to the key you wish it to be loaded to.

  • In HEX mode, you can also assign a value to a key in hexadecimal form on the right half of the screen.

For each P key, enter an alphanumeric value in the empty input field or a hexadecimal value in the line below it (for Parameter value A, the hexadecimal field is input blocked).

If no value is specified for a key, the standard Natural key setting (function-key mode KN, KO or KS) applies for this key; thus, it is possible to have a mixed P-key usage; that is, some keys with user-defined functions, others with the standard Natural functions.

Load the values by pressing PF4 or by entering L in the Function field.

Page the screen to additional P keys by pressing PF8 or by entering a plus (+) sign in the Function field.

Natural automatically converts all binary values which are smaller than H'40' to H'6F' (= question mark). So, before any binary values smaller than H'40' can be loaded, the macro NTTAB (translation table) has to be changed accordingly so as to avoid this automatic conversion. This is particularly important for H'27' (= ESCAPE) and H'19' (= Endemarke). For detailed information, see TAB - Standard Output Character Translation in the Parameter Reference documentation.

Load User Values with LPFSUP01 Interface

The Load User Values function is also available to user applications as an application programming interface (API). The API consists of the Natural subprogram LPFSUP01, which performs the loading of the keys. LPFSUP01 is supplied in the system library SYSEXTP and can be copied into user libraries or steplibs.

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo call LPFSUP01

  • Issue the following statement:


    where P-VALUE must be defined as an array: (A24/20).


         1 P-VALUE (A24/20)
      * LOAD '/STA L EM DUE1' TO P1, '/STA P EM DUE1' TO P4
      COMPRESS '/STA L' h'192786' INTO P-VALUE(1)
      COMPRESS '/STA P' h'192786' INTO P-VALUE(4)

See also the example program LPFEXAM1 in the system library SYSEXTP.

Set Key-Assignment Mode

The following functions are used to set key-assignment modes on terminal devices of the 975n series (types 974n, 975n and 976n):

Mode Function
Set KS Mode Executes the terminal command %KS* and is invoked by either pressing PF5 or entering function code S in the P-Key Utility menu.
Set KN Mode Executes the terminal command %KN* and is invoked by either pressing PF7 or entering function code N in the P-Key Utility menu.
Set KO Mode Executes the terminal command %KO* and is invoked by either pressing PF9 or entering function code O in the P-Key Utility menu.

* described in the Terminal Commands documentation

For detailed explanations of key-assignment modes, see Natural under BS2000 in the Operations documentation.

Load Send-Key Codes to P Keys

The Load F1 - F20 function is used to load specific send-key (F) codes F1 to F20 to the keys P1 to P20. The function is similar to the key assignment mode KN, except that F codes can be selected individually.

When this function is invoked, the following screen appears:

  15:56:34             ***** NATURAL SYSTP UTILITY *****              1998-06-25
  User VR000001                 - Load F-Codes -                  TID VR000001

   P01   _         P02   _         P03   _         P04   _         P05   _

   P06   _         P07   _         P08   _         P09   _         P10   _

   P11   _         P12   _         P13   _         P14   _         P15   _

   P16   _         P17   _         P18   _         P19   _         P20   _

  Mark P-Key to be loaded with F-Code
  Command ==>
  Load        Menu  Exit                                                  Canc

To load P keys with F codes, mark the appropriate keys and press ENTER. Only the keys which are marked are loaded with F codes. Other P keys retain their original values.

Show Common Memory Pools

This function displays a list of all common memory pools used in Natural.

The individual items of information shown for each common memory pools are explained in the online help about this function.