Invoking SYSTP and Executing Functions

This section provides instructions for invoking the SYSTP utility and executing a SYSTP utility function. You can execute a SYSTP utility function by using either a SYSTP utility menu or a SYSTP direct command.

Beginn der Anweisungsliste To invoke SYSTP and execute a menu function

  1. At any command prompt, enter the following system command:


    The Main Menu of the SYSTP utility appears.

  2. Execute a SYSTP function by entering the character code that corresponds to the function required in the Code field and pressing ENTER.

    If you enter E, the menu for environment-dependent TP-monitor functions appears. This function is not available under Com-plete and TSO.

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo issue a SYSTP direct command

  • At any command prompt or in batch mode, use the SYSTP command followed by the function code that corresponds to the SYSTP menu function required. You can enter multiple function codes in the sequence in which they are executed from a menu. If you enter multiple function codes, separate them by periods (.).

    For example:

    • SYSTP  M.A

      Opens the Natural Monitor Menu (function code M in the SYSTP Main Menu) and activates the Natural monitor (function code A in Natural Monitor Menu).

    • SYSTP S.A.C

      Displays the Slot Size Calculation screen after:
      S was executed from the SYSTP Main Menu,
      A was executed from the Natural Swap Main Menu, and
      C was executed from the Natural Swap Administration Menu.

See also SYSTP in Batch for CICS Sessions.