Object Specification

The Object Handler Main Menu provides the Select Unload/Load/Scan Type screen where you can select the types of object to be processed or specify a Workplan of the type SELECTION or LIST.

For each type of object selected, you are provided individual object-specification screens. These screens are used to specify selection criteria for the objects to be processed.

As a time-saving alternative, advanced users can use compact mode, see Compact Mode.

This section describes the options provided on each object-specification screen. If a field or function key (PF key) described in this section only appears with a particular function and/or in advanced-user mode, this is indicated by an appropriate remark such as "Only applies to the unload function in advanced-user mode".

All Objects on the Work File
Natural Library Objects
Natural System Error Messages
Natural Command Processor Sources
Natural-Related Objects
Use Selection or List Workplan