Direct Commands

The Object Handler provides direct commands for the following purposes:

  • To execute an Object Handler function such as unloading or loading objects in batch mode or in direct command online mode without using Object Handler menus (see also Batch or Direct Command Calls).

  • To execute or reference a Workplan (see also the section Workplans).

  • To be used as an instruction in a Workplan.

  • To navigate through screens.

  • To perform special functions.

This section describes the basic command syntax and the individual clauses, parameter and option settings available to perform these tasks. In addition, you can view examples that illustrate the use of direct commands.

The symbols used in the syntax diagrams shown in this section are explained in System Command Syntax in the System Commands documentation.

This section covers the following topics:

Basic Command Syntax
Object List - LIST Workplan
Examples of Using Direct Commands
Commands for Navigation and Special Functions