This section describes the main functions provided by the Object Handler.

You can take advantage of the Object Handler wizards to guide you through the steps required to execute the unload, load and scan functions. The wizards are activated by default unless you change default settings. If you prefer the unload, load or scan mode for the experienced user instead, select the field next to Advanced user in the Main Menu or use the internal command SET INPUT-MODE A. Additionally, if you are an experienced user, you can use compact input mode for the unload, load or scan functions by entering the internal command SET INPUT-MODE C. You can also set the default input mode (wizard, advanced or compact) by using the appropriate object Handler profile option Input-Mode. See also the section Profile Settings.

You can create standard procedures to define recurring settings and object specifications which automate the processing of the unload, load or scan function, see Workplans.

This section covers the following topics:

Advanced User
Compact Mode
Restart Load
Change the Workplan Library
Select System File
Select Library
List and Select Workplan
Select System Error Messages
Select Objects


  1. The topic Change the Workplan Library is described in the section Administration.
  2. The topic List and Select Workplan is described in List the Available Workplans in the Workplan Library in the section Administration.