Terminal Commands Grouped by Function

The following tables provide an overview of the terminal commands grouped by functions.

Case Translation

Terminal Command Function
%L Disable lower- to upper-case translation.
%U Enable lower- to upper-case translation.


Terminal Command Function
%C Copy current screen into Natural source area.
%CC Copy data into system variable *COM.
%CS Copy data to the stack.
%Z Clear source area.

Language, Messages, Error Processing

Terminal Command Function
%E= Activate/deactivate error processing.
%L= Set language code.
%M Control of message line.
%MSGSF Display system error messages in full.

Screens, Terminal and Window Processing

Terminal Command Function
%F= Frame characters for window.
%K Simulate PF- and PA-keys.
%Knn, %KPn Simulate PF- and PA-keys.
%KN, %KO and %KS Function-key logic for terminals in BS2000 environments.
%N Activate non-conversational mode.
%QS Simultaneous output of multiple screens.
%RM Protection of light pen sensitive fields.
%RN Suppress compression of screen data.
%RO Activate/deactivate screen optimization.
%T and %Tll/cc Set cursor position.
%T* Position cursor outside window.
%T+ and %T- Position cursor on protected field.
%W Natural window handling.
%Y Control of PF-key lines.
%* Disable display of input characters.

In batch mode, suppress printing of next input record read.

Colors, Outlining

Terminal Command Function
%D= Control of outlining.
%= Assign colors to fields.

INPUT Statement, Stack

Terminal Command Function
% Continuation indicator for INPUT statements in batch programs.
%D Activate keyword/delimiter mode.
%F Activate forms/screen mode.
%FM Activate/deactivate edit mask free mode.
%R Repeat INPUT statement.
%/ Force end-of-file for INPUT in batch mode.
%.P Delete first entry from Natural stack.
%.S Read stack entry without deleting it.

Session Recording and Screen Capturing

Terminal Command Function
%A Play back a recording.
%B Activate/deactivate a recording.
%B= Specify library for a recording.
%E Display screen captures.
%G Set playback mode for a recording.
%I Capture current screen.
%O Deactivate screen capturing.
%P Capture screen sequence.
%S Resume screen capturing.

Statistics and Trace

Terminal Command Function
%TRE Activate/deactivate external trace.
%TRI Activate/deactivate internal trace.
%X Control of statistics line/infoline.
%<TECH Display technical information.
%<TEST Invoke the debugger.


Terminal Command Function
%H Produce hardcopy output.
%J Invoke helproutine.
%P= CALL options.
%Q Suppress next input.
%QO Suppress pseudo-conversational output.
%T= Activate converter routine for specific device type.
%V Control of print mode.
%? Invoke help information for terminal commands.
%% and %. Interrupt current Natural operation.
%+ and %- Enable/disable use of Natural Connection.

Key Assignments

Key(s) Function
CLEAR Interrupt current Natural operation; interrupt recording.
CTRL+D Interrupt current Natural operation.
RESET+ENTER Terminate current processing loop.