%QS - Simultaneous Output of Multiple Screens


With this command, you can display multiple screens simultaneously.

%QS causes the next screen I/O not to be executed. The corresponding output screen is kept internally until the following I/O, when it is displayed together with the next screen. Therefore %QS only makes sense if the second output screen is a window, that is, if it does not entirely overlay the first screen that was suppressed with %QS.

Example: You can suppress the output of a screen A with %QS; the next screen B is a window which partially overlays screen A (perhaps a help window for one of the fields on screen A); with the next screen I/O, the window B and the "underlying" screen A are displayed simultaneously.

A %QS command only applies to the subsequent screen.

As %QS reduces the number of screen I/O operations, it also improves performance.