Terminal Command Key Assignments

This document covers the following topics:

Assigning Terminal Commands to Function Keys

For enhanced operating convenience, you can assign a frequently used terminal command to a function key. The following methods exist:

  • Within a program, you can assign terminal commands to function keys by using the statement SET KEY.

  • In the programming environment, you can use the system command KEY to assign a terminal commands to a function key.

  • Function-key assignments can also be made by the Natural administrator via the profile parameter KEY.

Assignments made with the system command KEY are totally independent of assignments made with a SET KEY statement in a program.

CLEAR Key - Interrupt Current Operation

Pressing the CLEAR key has the same effect as the terminal command %%.

You can also use the CLEAR key to interrupt a recording that is being played back in step mode. Further information on recording is provided in the section Natural Recording Utility in the Utilities documentation.

CTRL+D Keys - Interrupt Current Operation

Pressing the keys CTRL+D has the same effect as the terminal command %%.

RESET+ENTER Keys - Attention Interrupt

This function is only available under Com-plete on terminals connected via a local controller.

Pressing RESET and then ENTER terminates the current processing loop. The loop must contain a database access statement.