%B - Activate/Deactivate a Recording


The recording process is activated with the terminal command %Bname, and deactivated with the terminal command %B.

Command Function
%Bname Activates the recording process. All subsequent actions will be recorded. The name you specify is the name under which the recorded data will be saved. Names of recordings must be unique within a library.

Deactivates the current recording process. The recorded source is automatically saved, and you can then play it back as often as you wish.

You may also use %B to insert additional actions into the recording: after you have interrupted the playback of a recording with the CLEAR key, enter the command %B, and all action you perform will be inserted into the source of the recording until you enter %B again. Then the execution of the recording will be resumed.

Further information on recording is provided in the section Natural Recording Utility in the Utilities documentation.

Application Programming Interface: USR0350N. See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.