%G - Set Playback Mode for a Recording




A recording can be played back in two modes:

  • Background Mode
    In background mode, the entire recording is played back invisibly; that is, all the actions of the recording are carried out without anything being displayed to you on the terminal screen during the execution of the recording. Neither can you interrupt a recording that is played back in background mode (unless the recording contains the terminal command %R).

  • Step Mode
    In step mode, a recording is played back step by step, and all actions are displayed to you. By pressing ENTER you proceed from one step to the next. In step mode, it is also possible for you to interrupt the recording by pressing the CLEAR key.

By default, a recording is played back in background mode.

Command Function
%GON With this command, you switch step mode on.
%GOFF With this command, you switch back to background mode.
%G With this command, you can toggle between the two modes.

Further information on recording is provided in the section Natural Recording Utility in the Utilities documentation.

Application Programming Interface: USR0350N. See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.