Adabas Analytics on Linux, UNIX and Windows

This documentation describes the product Adabas Analytics for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. It is organized under the following headings:

Concepts Provides an overview of how Adabas Analytics on Linux, UNIX and Windows works.
Installing Adabas Analytics Describes how to install Adabas Analytics on Linux, UNIX and Windows.
Getting Started Describes the first steps of how to use Adabas Analytics.
Release Notes What's new in the current version of Adabas Analytics
Adabas Extensions for Adabas Analytics Describes the extensions to Adabas that are required by Adabas Analytics
Event File Converter Describes the event file converter and how to use it.
Apama Example Dashboard Describes how to display the contents of an event file in an example Apama dashboard.
Elasticsearch/Kibana Describes how to visualize Adabas data using Elasticsearch and Kibana.