The Event File Converter

The Adabas nucleus creates the Adabas event log files NUCELG.xxxx if the Adabas Eventing functionality is enabled. The Adabas Analytics event file converter reads an Adabas event log file and sends it to the Apama Correlator, where the events can be processed like any other Apama event, and displayed in an Apama monitor or in an Apama Correlator dashboard.

The Adabas Analytics file converter and the Apama Correlator can be running on the same node or on distributed nodes.

Using the Event File Converter

Starting the Event File Converter on Windows

The Windows start menu contains an entry for a command prompt, from where you can call the event file converter. In the command prompt window, issue the command:


Starting the Event File Converter on UNIX

Before you can start the event file converter, you must first source the environment file ealenv. Alternatively, you can source the top-level environment file, which in turn sources ealenv. Then issue the command

Usage of the Event File Converter

The event file converter is a command line utility with this syntax:

AdabasAnalyticsFileConverter -f <name> -t <host[:port]> [-h]


-f, eventfile <name>

The name of the event file to be read.

-t, target <host[:port]>

Send the events from the event file to the Apama Correlator; the default port number is 15903.