Release Notes

This document gives an overview of the features of Adabas Analytics Version 2.2 that have been introduced or modified since the previous release (Version 2.1).

The document contains the following sections:

General Information

This section provides information which you should be aware of before you install and use Adabas Analytics Version 2.2.

Supported Operating Systems

Adabas Analytics supports the same operating systems and platforms as Adabas Version 6.6 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

Software AG Installer

Adabas Analytics is installed using the Software AG installer. Please refer to the relevant installation documentation for further information.

Prerequisite Adabas and Natural LUW Versions

Adabas Version 6.6 is required because of extensions that have been added to support Adabas Analytics.

Natural Version 8.4.1 is required to support the ‘Adabas Review on LUW’ configuration using Natural parameter ADAPRM. Natural session data are sent to Adabas, and if Adabas is configured to catch ADA_NAT_PERF events (distributed via the Adabas Analytics Server), all data can be captured and visualized using the 3rd party product Elasticsearch/Kibana.

New, Modified and Dropped Features in Version 2.2

Adabas Extensions for Adabas Analytics

The configuration tool ‘ealconfig’ has been replaced by the new Adabas utility ADAELA, which is used to configure Adabas Analytics, as well as to define custom event types for a given number of fields.

Adabas Analytics Server

The Adabas Analytics Command Line Interface has been added to display configuration details and status information, as well as to enable/disable the use of processors and sinks.

License files (without time restrictions) are required to use one of the supported sink types:

  • Apama Correlator

  • Elasticsearch

  • Raw File (compatible with Adabas NUCELG file)

New, Modified and Dropped Features in Version 2.1

Force Switch of NUCELG File (New)

You can now force a switch of the NUCELG file using the new ADAOPR function FEOF=ELOG.

Adabas Analytics Server (New)

The Adabas Analytics server, which is new with Version 2.1, helps to avoid bottlenecks when writing events to the NUCELG file, and is a first step towards near real-time monitoring. The Adabas Analytics server can be configured to support different targets - the Apama Correlator, or the new, third-party product Elasticsearch.

It is still possible to send NUCELG files to Apama using the Adabas Analytics File Converter.

Elasticsearch/Kibana (New)

This version is delivered with the third-party products Elasticsearch and Kibana, which can be used to visualise data from the Adabas Analytics server in near real-time. An example Kibana dashboard is also provided.

EALCONFIG (Modified)

Compared to the version provided with the Adabas Version 6.5 package, the new version of EALCONFIG has the following major differences:



  • The item TARGET_NUCELG is ignored if TARGET_EAL_SERVER exists;


New, Modified and Dropped Features in Version 2.0

Adabas Extensions for Adabas Analytics

You can configure the database INI files for use with Adabas Analytics with the tool EALCONFIG. You can use the utility ADAELP to print events from an event log created by Adabas. Both of these components are part of the Adabas kit.

Adabas Analytics Version 2.0 no longer uses the Adabas replication exit; all of the functions required to trigger collection of event data to the NUCELG file are now part of the Adabas kernel Version 6.5 and above.

Event File Converter

The Event File Converter is a program that sends a NUCELG file as a stream to an Apama correlator. Other targets are currently not supported.

Apama Dashboard

This version provides an example Apama dashboard, which can be imported into the Eclipse-based Software AG Designer.

Documentation Updates and Changes

The most recent product documentation, hotfixes and other useful information can be found in Empower.