Getting Started

Once you have successfully installed Adabas Analytics, there are some steps that have to be performed before you can start to collect and display Adabas events:

  1. Use the configuration utility ADAELA to make the entries in the DBnnn.INI file that are required to enable collecting Adabas events. Pleaser refer to ADAELA (Event Analytics Administration) for further information.

  2. Use the event file converter to read and convert the contents of an existing Adabas event file, prior to displaying them in an Apama dashboard. Please refer to The Event File Converter for further information.

  3. Install the third-party products Elasticsearch and Kibana if you want to visualize Adabas data in Kibana. Start the Adabas Analytics server to allow near real-time monitoring of your Adabas/Natural application. Please refer to Getting Started with Elasticsearch/Kibana for further information.

  4. Define own event types.