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About Process Development Modes
The Process Development perspective supports two modes of operation, the Business Analyst mode, which provides a limited amount of information and capability, and the Process Developer mode, which provides full information and capability.
When you first open the Process Development perspective, the Business Analyst mode is enabled by default. In Business Analyst mode, the Process Development perspective displays only basic properties in the Properties view, basic preferences in the Preferences window, and basic functions on the tool bar. To see advanced properties, preferences, and functions, you must select the Process Developer mode, as described in Configuring the Process Development Mode.
The Business Analyst mode provides a streamlined set of features and functions that enable the business analyst to create business process models without the distraction of the more advanced process development functionality. If you are a process developer, you will most likely want to work exclusively in Process Developer mode. You can move back and forth between the two modes at any time and as often as you want.
Throughout this documentation, the properties that appear in the Properties view in the Process Developer mode are referred to as advanced properties, and the properties displayed in the Business Analyst mode are referred to as basic properties.
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