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About Process Simulation
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The Process Simulation feature for Software AG Designer provides a mechanism to simulate processes and see details about how they run. For complete information about working with Process Simulation, see the that is installed with the Process Simulation feature, webMethods BPM Process Simulation Help.
By simulating a process, or multiple processes, you can save time, energy, and resources that might otherwise be misspent on deploying solutions that do not fit your business needs. Simulation provides the opportunity for testing and tweaking processes in the design phase, before they ever reach production, or even a test environment.
Process simulation enables you to:
*Discover process bottlenecks
*Predict process behavior in multiple scenarios
*Learn about total process cost
*Understand process resource utilization, including consumables and non-consumables
*Compare the behavior (performance, utilization, cost, etc.) of two or more different processes, or of two or more versions of the same process
*Optimize processes
*Visualize how processes actually work
With a greater depth of process knowledge and behavior, you can make informed iterative changes until you reach the desired simulated result, and ultimately deploy the final version of the process to a production environment.
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