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About Boundary Intermediate Events
About Interrupting Behavior for Boundary Intermediate Events
About Throwing and Catching Boundary Intermediate Events
Adding a Boundary Intermediate Event
Removing a Boundary Intermediate Event
Configuring a Boundary Intermediate Event
About Boundary Intermediate Timer Events
About Boundary Intermediate Error Events
About Boundary Message Intermediate Events
Advanced Boundary Message Intermediate Event Properties
About Boundary Signal Intermediate Events
Advanced Boundary Signal Intermediate Event Properties
Basic Boundary Intermediate Event Properties
Designer supports a number of boundary intermediate events. Not all boundary intermediate events are configurable as both interrupting or non-interrupting in all cases. For more information about supported event types and their behavior, see About Interrupting Behavior for Boundary Intermediate Events.
The palette does not contain an entry for all possible boundary events. For more information, see Adding a Boundary Intermediate Event.
You cannot configure interrupting boundary event behavior for call activities, rule tasks, or user tasks. No boundary intermediate events are available for manual task activities.
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