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About Boundary Message Intermediate Events
Boundary message intermediate events inherit Integration Server Name from the step to which they are attached. They can be interrupting or non-interrupting depending on the activity type. The supported types are described in About Interrupting Behavior for Boundary Intermediate Events.
You can configure the interrupting behavior with the Allow Boundary Message Event to interrupt activity check box on the General page in the Properties view, except as noted in the supported event types table referenced above.
For a boundary event to catch an externally triggered event from a different track or process, the associated activity must be active.
Boundary message events cannot be debugged directly for an externally-created message event. When a message event is transmitted from outside a process that is being debugged and there is a boundary message event in the debugged process that is configured to catch and correlate to the transmitted message, that message is not recognized by the Process Engine as being associated with the process currently being debugged.
Software AG Designer extends BPMN functionality to support the use of EDA event types and the EDA protocol in BPMN Message Events.
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