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Basic Boundary Intermediate Event Properties
Properties Page
Select from the list. Available types are Timer, Error, Message, and Signal.
Allow Boundary [type] Event to interrupt step
When selected, this property applies interrupting behavior to the event. If the interrupting behavior of the event cannot be changed, this property is either not present or is not selectable.
Restore starting pipeline
Available only for an intermediate boundary error event on a subprocess. You can save the pipeline upon entering the subprocess. If a subprocess error occurs, the contents of the pipeline pass to the following step. Disabled by default.
Step name. Default is Message1, Signal1, Timer1, or Error1.
Step ID
Automatically generated identifier, unique within the process. Not editable.
Font Style
Format of the Label text in the process editor and in the HTML Documentation Report. You can select the Font Name, Font Size, Bold, Italic, and Font Color. Default settings are Tahoma 8 point black, with no bold or italic.
Descriptive information about the step, for documentation purposes only. Text in step descriptions is searchable.
Reset Default Size (button)
If the step has been manually resized, click this button to return the step to its default size.
Documentation Fields
Local and default documentation fields to document in the process. Documentation fields are searchable.
Documentation Field Value
Value for the assigned Documentation Field
Timer Condition
For intermediate boundary timer events only. For more information about this event type, See About Boundary Intermediate Timer Events.
Use this page to specify the value that defines the timer condition. The source of this timer value can be:
*A static value that you define.
*A value from a field in the process pipeline. The field value is interpreted in milliseconds.
*A value based on a business calendar in My webMethods Server. You can specify a static number of days, hours, and minutes, or specify a pipeline field to set the day, hours, or minutes value.
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