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Managing Tasks
Task List Operations
Task Instance Operations
Scheduling Tasks
Scheduling Task Delegations
Starting Tasks
Customizing Task Keylinks
Work Stream lists the task types of both stand-alone tasks and tasks used in processes. The task list in Work Stream displays all tasks of a task type that you have privileges to view, regardless of the task assignment. Tasks displayed on the task list are filtered based on the task keylink selected on the task type bar. For information on customizing task keylinks, see Customizing Task Keylinks.
Use the search field to search for tasks and view the results in the task list. The completed tasks are not listed by default in a task list, but you can search for the completed tasks. For more information, see Searching for Task Instances.
A task can have child tasks and to-do lists. The child tasks can be mandatory or non-mandatory. If a child task is specified as mandatory, the parent task cannot be marked as completed unless the status of the mandatory child task is Completed, Error, Canceled, or Expired. For more information see, Creating an Instant Task and Using To-Do Lists.
You can apply task management actions to the tasks listed in task list or in the task instance details page. To apply various task management actions to the tasks in the task list, the task status must be Active, Error, or Suspended. You cannot apply task list management actions to tasks with canceled, Completed, or Expired status. For more information, see Task Actions.
You can schedule the delegation of tasks associated with a particular task type. For more information, see Scheduling Task Delegations.
Manage tasks using:
*Task lists. See Task List Operations.
*Task detail page. See Task Instance Operations.
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