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Using To-Do Lists
Creating To-Do List Templates
Viewing, Updating, or Deleting To-Do List Templates
Creating To-Do Lists
Viewing and Updating To-Do Lists
To-Do List Attributes
A to-do list is a defined set of tasks. A to-do list has a parent task and a set of child tasks belonging to one or more task types. You can have both mandatory and non-mandatory tasks in a to-do list. Each child task can be assigned to one or more users. For example, you might want to create a to-do list task for grouping the sub-tasks of a hiring or procurement process.
You can create a to-do list by using a new to-do list template or by re-using an existing to-do list template. For information about configuring to-do lists, see Configuring To-Do List Setting.
The table below lists the to-do list operations that you can perform and the privileges that you must have for performing the operations.
You need this functional privilege...
Create, update, or delete a to-do list template
Create To-do List Template
Create a to-do list
Create To-do List
View to-do list template
Use Public To-do List Template
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