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Task Actions
Depending on the access privileges and the current status of the task instance, you can perform these actions on tasks:
Use this action to...
Resume a suspended task.
Suspend an active (running) task.
Assign To
Assign a task to one or more users, groups, or roles. The task appears on the user's My Inbox.
Accept For
Accept a task on behalf of one or more users or roles. The task appears in each individual user's task inbox as an accepted task. You cannot accept a scheduled task on behalf of other users.
Accept a task.
Resubmit an active task. This forces the task data to be re-evaluated regardless of whether or not any of the data has been modified. Note that resubmitting a task can have an effect on task assignments.
Set Status
Change the status of the task. Available settings are Active, Completed, Error, Canceled, Expired, and Suspended. You cannot set the status of a scheduled task.
Delete a task from the current process list.
Delegate a task to another user.
Remove Delegations
Remove all delegations applied to the task.
Create Instant Task
Opens the New Instant Task dialog box.
To-Do List
Create a list of to-do tasks. This option is not available in Task Inbox.
For more information about applying task actions on tasks, see webMethods Task Engine User’s Guide.
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