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Scheduling Tasks
Rescheduling Tasks
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Searching for Tasks using My Calendar
When you create a new task instance, you can specify the date and time to start the new task. Task instances scheduled to start at a later time are in Scheduled state. You can reschedule tasks anytime before the start time. At the specified start time, the task starts, and the state of the task changes from Scheduled to Active. You cannot manually change the status of a scheduled task or accept scheduled tasks.
My Calendar on the What's Happening Now tab, scheduled task icon on the task list, and the status property of the task help you identify the scheduled tasks. For information about My Calendar, see My Calendar.
Use one of the following to schedule or reschedule task instances:
*Business Console user interface. For information about scheduling a task, see Starting Tasks. For information about rescheduling a task, see Rescheduling Tasks.
You cannot schedule task instances of task types that were created prior to version 9.10.
*Task Engine WmTaskClient services. For information about using queueTask and updateTask Task Client services, see webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference.
*My webMethods Server RESTful services. For information about using RESTful services, see webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference.
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