Task Engine 10.11 | Task Engine Webhelp | webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference | Using the Task Engine Built-in Services | pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields
WmTaskClient. Used to return a collection of named fields requested in each service that matches specified search criteria.
This service can only return primitive types (Strings, Numbers, Dates, etc.) or lists (arrays) of primitives. It cannot return complex objects such as all task business data.
Input Parameters
String Optional. Specifies whether the service will return the TaskData document as well as the TaskInfo document for each task matching the search criteria.
Set to:
*true to include the TaskData document in the result set.
*false (default) to include only the TaskInfo document in the result set.
String Optional. The user ID of the My webMethods Server user on whose behalf this service will execute.
If user is not specified, the user ID associated with the WmTaskClient package is used. For information about configuring this user ID, see webMethods Task Engine User’s Guide.
Only tasks to which user has access are searched.
Document Optional. TaskSearchQuery document, which specifies the search criteria. See pub.task:TaskSearchQuery for a description of the fields in this document.
If TaskSearchQuery is null, all tasks for user will be returned. For additional behavior, see the MaxResults parameter in pub.task:TaskSearchQuery.
String Optional. Specifies whether the service searches all tasks or just the user's inbox.
Set to:
*true to search only the inbox for user.
*false (default) to search all tasks to which user has access.
By default, only active tasks are returned. This can be overridden with the showNonActiveTasks parameter in pub.task:TaskSearchQuery.
String List of task fields to be returned by this service. For information about specifying fields, see the fields and operator elements in pub.task:TaskSearchQueryTerm. For example, suppose you want to return the following fields as result of the query:
*The business data field orderID from task data documents.
You would then pass in following field specifications:
This API will return values for these fields only.
retryOnFailure Count
String Optional. Specifies the number of times to attempt to invoke the service. The default is 0 times. When specified, this value will override the configuration value set on the WmTaskClient Home page in IS Administrator.
String Optional. Specifies the number of milliseconds to wait between attempts. The default is 1000 ms (this field is ignored if retryOnFailureCount = 0). When specified, this value will override the configuration value set on the WmTaskClient Home page in IS Administrator
Output Parameters
Document List Result set containing a list of documents whose document type is defined in pub.task:TaskFields.
Usage Notes
Using pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields instead of searching with pub.task:TaskSearchQuery can significantly improve search performance. Searching with pub.task:TaskSearchQuery returns all TaskInfo data plus task data documents which can be very large. Because this is a Web service call, the SOAP response size becomes an issue, severely limiting performance of this service. With pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields, a very narrow search can be tailored, often requiring only a few taskInfo fields and some business data fields. Using pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields is strongly recommended to prevent problems.