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WmTaskClient. Document type used as input to the pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks, pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksHPSTRA, pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields and pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFieldsHPSTRA services. This service applies only to tasks that use standard business data. The parameters defined here are also present in pub.task.TaskSearchQueryV2.
String Optional.
*If the TaskSearchQuery parameter is not specified in the calling service, the calling service returns all the tasks.
*If the TaskSearchQuery parameter is defined in the calling service, but the MaxResults parameter is not defined in TaskSearchQuery, only 200 results are returned by the calling service.
*If the TaskSearchQuery parameter is defined in the calling service, and the MaxResults parameter is defined in TaskSearchQuery, the calling service returns the number of records specified by MaxResults (type 0 to return all tasks).
This element does not apply to tasks with an indexed search provider. In this case, the specified value is ignored.
Boolean Optional. Exclude tasks that are accepted by a user other than the user ID used in the search. Default is false.
Boolean Optional. This field can be used when executing queries to fetch tasks from a user's inbox. This parameter is meant to override the default behavior of the searchUserTasks parameter wherever it is used and allow the return of non-active tasks.
Set to:
*true to return non-active tasks.
*false (default) to return active tasks only.
For example, by specifying searchUserTasks =true and showNonActiveTasks =true, the query returns all non-active tasks from a user's inbox (that is, those tasks already completed by user).
The showNonActiveTasks parameter has no impact on non-user task searches. To construct a non-user task search to return only active tasks, you must set query terms of searchUserTasks =false and status =active.
String Optional. Specifies the search engine to use when searching for tasks. The default values are:
*db - when using services that search task data, stored in the indexed table of the My webMethods Server database.
*hpstra - when using services that search in HPSTRA-enabled task data.
You can also specify the name of any custom engine that you develop for task searches and register as an OSGi service in the My webMethods Server runtime. For more information and examples about adding custom task search engines, see the Software AG TECHcommunity website.
Boolean Optional. When set to true, returns all task instances from a votable task type for which at least one user has voted. The default value is false.
Document List An array of TaskSearchQueryTerm, in which each member of the array specifies query criteria for the search. See pub.task:TaskSearchQueryTerm for a description of the fields in TaskSearchQueryTerm.
When a search is performed, the criteria specified by the TaskSearchQueryTerm documents in Terms are combined using the logical "AND" operator. Only tasks that satisfy all TaskSearchQueryTerm documents in the Terms array are returned in the result set.
Usage Notes
The showNonActiveTasks parameter overrides the default behavior of the searchUserTasks parameter in any service where that parameter occurs, such as:
* pub.task.taskclient:countTasksIndexed
* pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks
* pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksFields
* pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed
* GET Task Instance Information
* GET Tasks with a Simple Search Request
* POST a Complex Task Search Request
The showNonActiveTasks parameter does not apply to task from votable types. Only active instances from votable task types are returned, regardless of the parameter value.