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Working with Business Calendars
Creating a Business Calendar
Specifying a Default Business Calendar
Modifying a Business Calendar
Deleting a Business Calendar
Specifying a Business Calendar for a User Account
Working with Personal User Calendars
Configuring User Calendars — Microsoft Exchange
Configuring User Calendars — Lotus Notes
Installing the notes.jar File
Configuring the IBM Lotus Domino Server
Software AG Designer and My webMethods Server support the use of business calendars and user calendars to assist with task definition and behavior. Both business and user calendars are set up and configured in My webMethods Server. Each type of calendar is configured separately, and you can define business calendars only, user calendars only, or both.
Business calendars define standard business days and hours for your business organization, including holidays, weekends, or any other times when your organization is not conducting business. For example, you might define your business calendar for normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard time. You can define multiple business calendars.
These business calendars are defined in My webMethods Server and can be specified when you define a task date/time event type, for example. This ensures that when counting days, only business days will be considered and that non-business days such as weekends and holidays are not included.
A business calendar can also be associated with a process. In this case, the business calendar is used only to determine process time outs and joins and does not apply to any tasks in the process.