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Working with Personal User Calendars
Personal user calendars are maintained in a third-party application such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, where the user maintains daily calendar events that define the user's availability. When a task is being assigned to or accepted for another user, the Task Engine checks the user's personal calendar to determine if the user is available on this working day, taking into consideration only Out of the Office and Busy types of calendar events that are scheduled for the entire day.
You can also view a user's personal calendar on the Task List Management page in My webMethods when you manually assign a task or accept a task for another user. In this case, all of the events in the user's calendar are displayed.
You can configure My webMethods Server to provide access to user calendars, enabling you to view individual user calendars. User calendars are accessible when you are assigning a task, or accepting a task for others, on the Task List Management page.
When you open the Select Principals dialog box and select a user, a small calendar icon appears next to the user name if a user calendar is configured for that user. When you click on the icon, the user's calendar appears, and you can determine when the user is available.
You can also view the user's calendar on the Calendar tab of the Edit User page, accessed from Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > User Management > Users.